Bhringraj leaves – Whole dried


100 grams


Whole dried bhringraj leaves are perfect for making your own infused hair oils and adding to your natural shampoo recipes.

Bhringraj is the best herb to use for stimulating hair growth. It works on the hair follicles, increasing blood flow the scalp, unblocking follicles and thereby boosting hair growth.

You can make an infused oil with bhringraj on its own or you can mix it with our other whole dried herbs, shikakai, brahmi and amla to make a super-powered oil.

Have a look here at the shikakai page to find out how to incorporate bhringraj into your natural shampoo recipes.

How to make an infused oil

What you will need: whole dried bhringraj leaves, clean dry glass jar, mesh for straining, cold-pressed plant oil e.g. grapseed, olive, sweet almond, black cumin, argan, jojoba. You can add in shikakai pods, brahmi leaves and amla seeds as well.

Place your herbs into the glass jar and fill with the oil/s of your choice. You can break up the herbs a bit. Make sure to keep the jar, utensils and hands super clean to prevent contamination of the oil. Place the filled jar in a double-boiler or pot and bring the water to the boil. The water must boil, NOT the oil. This is to warm the oil and allow the herbs to release their goodness into the oil. Heating the herbs in the oil for longer will give you a stronger infusion. Allow the oil to cool and then strain through a fine mesh into another clean jar.

Instead of using the double boiler method you can also put your filled herb and oil jar on a sunny windowsill and leave it for a few weeks, then strain.

Apply regularly to your scalp and hair.

Adding some vitamin E oil after the infusion process will prolong the shelf life of your oil.

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