Does Love My Hair contain henna?

Yes it does contain henna in varying proportions depending on the shade, but it is not ‘just’ henna.  In addition to this plant extract, Love My Hair also contains other botanical ingredients that contribute to the colour application and health of your hair and scalp. The darker shades in the 100% Herbal dye range consist mostly of Indigo.

Our henna is pure and certified organic. Henna does not come in different shades, it is an orangey/red dye. 

If I use henna products will I be able to use chemical dyes/treatments on my hair?

As long as you use good quality, pure henna products, then yes you can use chemical dyes/treatments as you normally do. You won’t have to wait months to do your chemical treatments/dyes as the hairdresser would like to tell you. Keep in mind, that the hair industry is run by major companies that push all types of chemical products. Hairdressers are (for the most part) not trained in the use of natural plant dyes and natural hair care. You should give your hair a break in between treatments. Roughly about 2-3 weeks. You can use a chemical dye over henna and henna over a chemical dye.

How do herbal hair dyes work?

Herbal hair dyes work by staining the outer keratin layer of your hair strands. They do not penetrate the hair and do not disturb its natural chemistry.

This is why it is necessary to use a clarifying shampoo before using herbal dyes to deep clean your hair and allow the herbal dyes to work effectively on your keratin.

And also why its a good idea to use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo in between dye applications to preserve the colour.

The more you use herbal hair dyes, the darker/more intense the colour will get as the stain deepens on your hair.

What is the cost of shipping and how does it work?

Shipping is R85 to most areas in South Africa. If the shipping to your area is more than this we will get in touch and offer you some options for your shipping.

Shipping is free for orders over R1000 to most areas in South Africa.

This is a to-your-door courier service that delivers weekdays only.  Please give an address where there will be someone during the day.

Shipping usually takes 2-5 working days.

You can also collect from our home office which is in the deep South Peninsula of Cape Town. 

Why do I need to clarify my hair and how do I do this?

Most hair care products these days contain silicones, polymers and glycerin. These leave a layer of build-up on the hair which prevents herbal hair dyes from working properly.

When you purchase the dye you will receive a sachet of clarifying shampoo and we also sell it.

Do not use the clarifying shampoo for washing out the dye after application though as this will strip the dye out.

Clarifying shampoo are not for regular use.

What is PPD (para-phenylenediamine)?

PPD belongs to a group of chemicals called Para-dyes. These chemicals are found in ALL chemical hair dyes, even ones claiming to be PPD-free. 

These chemicals have been linked to causing cancer.

None of the Love My Hair dyes contain PPD, any other Para-dyes or any chemicals at all. 

What is a strand test and how do I do it?

inEveryone’s hair is different so it is not possible to recommend an exact application time that will suit everyone.  This is why a strand test is necessary: to determine the application time for your own hair.  You need to do a strand test every time you try out a new dye.

1. Mix a teaspoon of dye with warm water into a thick, liquid paste. 

2. Apply this paste to freshly washed hair (washed with Love My Hair approved clarifying shampoo). If your hair has three different areas, e.g. grey roots, highlights and box dyed areas, and you want to dye all your hair, you will need to apply the test paste to all three areas.

3. Cover the test hair with clingwrap to prevent the dye from drying on your hair. Leave the test paste on your hair for 2 hours. Rinse it out very, very well and 24 hours later wash it out with the Love My Hair approved gentle shampoo.  You will now have an idea of the final colour you will achieve with your test application time.

4. If your hair is not dark/bright enough after your strand test, leaving it on for a longer application time is indicated. 

5. If your hair is too dark/bright after your strand test then leaving it on for a shorter application time is indicated.

6. You can do another strand test for a different application time if you like.  

If you are not concerned about how the dye comes out on your hair you can skip the strand test. But we really wouldn’t recommend this!

Once you know your ideal application time you don’t need to do it again, unless you change your dye. 

I’ve had an allergic reaction to henna in the past, can I use Love My Hair?

It is very rare for pure henna to cause an allergic reaction.  Pure henna can only make hair orange, so be very wary of so-called henna that come in different shades as this contains quite high quantities of PPD and other Para-dyes, especially the darker shades.  If you’ve had an allergic reaction to ‘henna’ like this it is mostly likely that you were reacting to the Para-dyes and not the henna.  Please read labels and always do an allergy test before using any hair dye product.

Will Love My Hair lighten my hair?

None of the Love My Hair dyes contain any bleaching agents so they cannot lighten hair.

What shampoo and conditioner should I use with Love My Hair?

A clarifying shampoo must be used before the dye application. You will receive a sachet of clarifying shampoo with the dye.

This clarifying shampoo contains sulphate cleansers to deep clean your hair and allow the herbal dyes to work properly. It is not for regular use.

A gentle, sulphate-free shampoo must be used after the dye application and in between dye applications. Be wary of shampoo that claims to be sulphate free but contains other cleansers that are just as strong.

You are welcome to contact us for assistance on product ingredients.


Can I mix the different Love My Hair shades?

Yes you can mix the 100% Herbal dye shades with each other and and also with henna and indigo.

Don’t mix Love My Hair dyes with other brands. 

Can I mix Love My Hair with coffee, tea or other liquids?

Yes you can… some people enjoy experimenting with making different mixtures. Please do a strand test when trying out any new blend.

I didn’t use all of the mixed dye, can I keep it?

You can keep pure henna and the Light Auburn dye in the freezer.

The brown, dark brown and soft black must be used within 15 minutes of mixing with water as the indigo component starts oxidising. These shades cannot be frozen.

What is the best product to use for covering grey?

If you want a light coppery colour on your greys then the Light Auburn dye is a good choice.

If you want to cover grey hair in shades of brown to black then doing the 2-step henna/indigo application is a good option, particularly if you have stubborn greys. Have a look at the henna and indigo product pages for information on how to do this or get in touch.

You can also add extra indigo powder to the brown, dark brown and soft black dyes. 

How soon after using other hair dyes can I use Love My Hair and vice versa?

It is best to wait 2-3 weeks after using chemical dyes before using Love My Hair and vice versa. Please do a strand test first.

Can I use Love My Hair when I’m pregnant?

The 100% Herbal range has not been laboratory tested to determine safety in pregnancy, so please use these products at your discretion.

We would not recommend using any chemical dyes during pregnancy as they contain chemicals which can disrupt your hormones.  

Can I use Love My Hair on bleached/peroxided hair and vice versa?

Bleaching damages the hair and makes it more porous. If you are dyeing over bleached hair, the dye colour can be more intense or darker than desired.

If you bleach hair dyed with any hair dye, the colour results will be very unpredictable. If you like to frequently lighten your hair then it is best not to dye your hair with a dark colour.

Even if you have just lightened your hair a few shades, it has still been bleached and you must take care and do a strand test before dyeing all your hair. 

Can I collect my order?

Yes you are welcome to collect your order to avoid the courier delivery cost. We are based near Noordhoek in the South Peninsula area of Cape Town. Collections are weekdays only by arrangement. Please place your order on the online shop and select the EFT payment option. When you pay just omit the shipping charge that the website adds automatically. You can either do an EFT before collection or pay with cash on collection.

I didn't use the gloves and my fingernails have been dyed, what should I do?

The colour on your skin will fade quickly, you can speed this up by applying a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil.  The colour in your finger nails will remain for a while.  Please remember to use your application gloves.

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