Why we no longer stock Low Chemical hair dyes

Love My Hair no longer stocks any of the Low Chemical dyes. This decision was taken due to the harmful nature of chemicals in hair dyes. Even our Low Chemical hair dyes contained these chemicals, though in much lower quantities than standard ‘box’ hair dyes.

These chemicals are carcinogenic and are known as ‘aromatic amines’ or ‘arylamines’. PPD (Para-phenylenediamine) is just one of this big group of chemicals but there are many others. Every single chemical hair in the world contains these aromatic amines. Even if they claim to be ‘PPD-free’ these dyes contain other aromatic amines that are just as potentially damaging to your health.

Earlier in 2023, the owner and founder of Love My Hair, Cath Price, had a genetic test done and found that she has a variation in the CYP1A1 Msp1 T>C gene. This variation means that various environmental toxins cause the gene to ‘switch on’ and cause cells to become cancerous. Examples of these environmental toxins are cigarette smoke, diesel fumes and aromatic amines. A high percentage of the population has this gene variation making using chemical hair dyes a bit like playing Russian roulette with your health and something we think should be avoided at all costs.

So while using 100% plant dyes to dye your hair is more time-consuming it is so much better for your health and for the health of the environment (chemical hair dyes in waste water pose a serious risk to aquatic ecosystems).

Just like fast food is not great for your health, fast beauty isn’t either.



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