BLACK – Ultra Low Chemical


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  • 100 grams of dye powder, enough for collar to shoulder length hair.
  • permanent dye.
  • gives complete colour coverage on grey and non-grey hair in one quick application.
  • contains herbal extracts to nourish and condition your hair and scalp.
  • the indicated colour is a guide.  The final colour will vary depending on your original hair colour, hair type, previous treatments and application time.
  • application time is 20-50 minutes

Black Ultra Low Chemical dye gives your hair a deep, rich black colour.

The Ultra range is the lowest dose chemical hair dye available in South Africa.  It contains only six chemical ingredients in very low quantities.  When correctly mixed, all the chemical ingredients together comprise only 2% of the total. The botanical extracts in this product can improve hair growth and scalp condition by increasing circulation to the scalp and assist with clearing up problems such as dandruff and itchiness. Love My Hair is not just a pretty colour!

All permanent chemical hair dyes contain Para-dyes such as para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and p-amino phenol. It is not possible for them to work so quickly and effectively without these chemicals. Unfortunately these compounds are not good for us and this is why it is important to limit our exposure to them and to other dye chemicals. Note that the darker the shade the more Para-dyes it contains.

The Ultra dyes already contain extremely low amounts of chemicals, but you can further reduce these quantities by mixing the Ultra shades with the Love My Hair 100% herbal colours. For example, if you have completely grey roots and you want black hair, you can make a dye mixture of half Ultra Black and half 100% Herbal Soft Black. This will still give you the grey coverage you need with even fewer chemicals! You can also experiment with reducing the Ultra component of your mixture until you find a ratio that works best for you (see Helpful Hints).

Hair treatments such as highlights (bleaching), perming and straightening effect the hair structure and this in turn will effect the final colour. Bleaching in particular makes the hair more porous, which means it absorbs more of the dye resulting in a much darker colour. It is essential to do a strand test before dyeing all your hair.

It is best to avoid all chemical dyes during pregnancy.

With your order you will receive 100g of dye powder, 1 pair of latex-free gloves and a detailed instruction leaflet. You will not receive the box packaging.

Shipping is free to most areas in South Africa. If you live outside of South Africa, or in a remote area, please contact us before placing your order. Delivery takes 2-5 working days.

Ingredients: Henna, PPD (para-phenylenediamine), barium peroxide, 2-nitro paraphenylenediamine, para amino phenol, rose petal extract, amla, bhringraj, shikakai, citric acid, sodium laurel sulphate, sodium sulphate (see Herbal Ingredients and Chemical Ingredients).


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